Fab-Form Fabric Formwork for Concrete Footings, Columns and ICF Foundations in Oklahoma

Fab-Form Fabric Formwork for Concrete Footings, Columns and ICF Foundations in OklahomaFab-Form Industries Ltd. develops and manufactures products for the concrete forming industry. Fab-Form offers fabric-based technology to form concrete footings, columns, foundations, and walls for building structures. The company manufactures its forming products using poly membranes to form and damp-proof concrete. Fab-Form Industries is the leader in concrete footing forming with Fastfoot® and has revolutionized forming concrete columns & pilasters with Fast-Tube™.

Fab-Form Industries has also developed MonoPour, the world's first panelized foundation system incorporating the footing form, thereby allowing the monolithic pouring of the footing and foundation wall. The system uses ICF blocks for the foundation wall, proprietary drill-adjustable supports to hold the wall in position, and Fastfoot®, the damp proof membrane, to form the footing.

To futher enhance their product offerings, Fab-Form has introduced a unique ICF bracing system. Zont™ ICF Bracing System is the first bracing system which braces the ICF wall horiZONTally as well as vertically.

With 30 years experience in the concrete forming industry, Fab-Form's range of fabric formwork products are the preferred method of concrete forming by contractors and builders in Oklahoma City & OK State, ICF & More in OKC is pleased to offer these green building products that contribute to our sustainable building practices here in Oklahoma.

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Fastfoot® Concrete Footing Forming

Made of high density polyethylene fabric, Fastfoot® is a green replacement of lumber and plywood for forming concrete footings. Made in North America and GreenSpec® listed and contributes to USGBC LEED® points.

 Fastfoot for Concrete Footings

Fast-Tube® Concrete Column & Pilaster Forming

A soft fabric tube for forming round concrete columns and pilasters. Manufactured from high-strength polyethylene, Fast-Tube™ comes on rolls 100' in length and in diameters 8", 10" and 12". Installation, pouring and stripping is quick and easy.

 Fast-Tube for Concrete Columns

Fab-Form Monopour MP® Panelized Foundation System

The Fab-Form Monopour System is used in conjunction with the ICF walls themselves to form the footing, thereby eliminating all footing forming lumber, stakes, cold joints and double pours.

 Fab-Form MonoPour for ICF Foundations

Zont Bracing® for ICF Wall Construction

Fab-Form has designed the first and only Horizontal Bracing system specifically designed for ICF walls. The Zont bracing system is easily installed and effectively flattens the wall horizontally and vertically.

 Fab-Form Zont Bracing System for ICF Walls