What We Do at Insulated Concrete Forms & More Oklahoma

Green Building with the experts from the bottom of footing to top of wall - Insulated Concrete Forms & More OK

"From the Bottom of the Footings to the Top of the Wall and Beyond"

Green Building is an investment for the future, so choosing the right green building materials for constructing in Oklahoma is an important decision when building a sustainable and resilient structural envelope. Imagine the bonus discovering that building to the latest Code can be done at the same or lower cost than old-fashioned and inefficient wooden stick frame. Building with solid reinforced concrete & ICF in Tornado prone Oklahoma is a wise decision in our opinion, and that of our clients.

Choosing insulated concrete construction and ensuring cost savings and security for the future is easy when Insulated Concrete Forms & More has already done the hard work and found the ideal North American Made Green Building Materials perfect for the job.

Let Insulated Concrete Forms & More, quote your next project. We stock and sell everything you will need to build your ICF project.

Need finalized plans or engineering? We have a list of qualified companies who can put your dreams on paper and engineer it to perfection.

Picked a Builder without ICF experience? That's ok, we can work with the builder of your choice. We can offer suggested methods of installation for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as acceptable installation methods for all finish materials.

Let our experienced and qualified staff in Oklahoma City help to turn your dreams into the strongest, safest, most awesome structure possible.

Building with ICF and Concrete gives you the StrongestSafest and Most Energy Efficient Home - Period! We are the only Building in Oklahoma to Pay your Heating and Cooling costs for a Year to Prove it! Find out more about our "We Pay Your Heating and Cooling Costs for a Year" Program here...

See How Fast Building with Quad-Lock ICF Really Is...

Quad-Lock ICF Construction Time-Lapse Video - Residential Basement & Garage

Watch as a team of ICF Installers in MI construct a full basement and garage with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms, ready to pour in one day. 

Quad-Lock ICF Construction Time-Lapse Video - Commercial Apartment Building Foundation

Watch as a team of ICF Installers in BC construct a foundation for a multi-family apartment building with Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms, ready to pour in 6 days.